Vita Mix Recipes for Weight Loss with Tasty DIY Style

Vita mix recipes for weight loss here are some juicing recipes from me. Hope you like it! Breakfast is the most important part of starting the day. Because breakfast provides energy to the body to support a variety of activities that will be undertaken. Unfortunately, often we are lulled by feeling lazy or so hunted for time to just prepare breakfast.

Vita mix Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss

If that's the case, what we do at the end is "combine" breakfast with lunch. 5 vita mix recipes for weight loss below can be a solution to this. Making it doesn't take long but the energy it contains will accompany you to start the day.

The difference is making juice with a Vitamix juicer and ordinary blender: One thing that distinguishes juicing from a juicer or blende is the end result. When you use a juicer, you automatically remove all the fiber content in the fruit or vegetable, leaving only the liquid. However, if you use a blender, you can still consume fiber or pulp.

Nutritional content: When you use a Vitamix juicer, you will get higher concentration nutrients. This is because the mineral and vitamin content in fruits or vegetables is usually found in the water and not in the fiber.

On the other hand, Vitamix juicer production contains less or almost no fiber at all. In general, there are two types of fibers, namely soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is usually found in apples, carrots, nuts, and oranges. This fiber dissolves in water, slows digestion, and regulates blood sugar levels. Meanwhile, insoluble fiber can be found in cauliflower, potatoes, and dark-colored vegetables. This type of fiber gives shape to the stool and stimulates the intestines to move.

DIY Vitamix Recipes for Weight Loss Juice

You simply use a Vitamix juicer or Vitamix blender to combine the ingredients into a glass of juice rich in benefits. Come on, just look at the details below!
Let's start this healthy list with juice that combines fruit and vegetables. This juice creation has a fresh and slightly sour taste, perfect for arousing your enthusiasm every morning. The following presents the details of the recipe.

Vitamix Bit Bytes Juice 

• 2 cups of coconut water or around 480 ml.
• 2 lemons, squeeze the water.
• 2 carrots.
• 2 apples, remove seeds and the middle part.
• 2 bits.
• 1 cup or about 130 grams of ice cubes.

How to make:
1. Wash carrots, apples and beets and cut into pieces. However, don't cut it too small because it will affect the final result, especially if you use a juicer.
2. Mix all ingredients into a blender or juicer. If you use a juicer, put the ingredients into pieces.
3. Serve into a glass and the juice bytes are ready to serve!

Berry Vitamix Juice

If you like strawberries, then this recipe is perfect for you. With the dominant sour taste, this healthy juice is guaranteed to swiftly make your eyes widen! Here's the detailed recipe.

• 2 cups of strawberry.
• 2 medium-sized tomatoes.
• 4 carrots.
• 1 orange, squeeze the water.

How to make:
1. Wash all the ingredients to be used.
2. Cut tomatoes and carrots.
3. Mix all ingredients into a juicer or blender.
4. Pour into a glass and the Berry Vitamix juice is ready to be served!

Vitamix sunshine Juice

One of the ingredients in this vita mix recipes for weight loss is unique, namely yellow peppers. The ingredients commonly found in the side dishes turned out to juice. This recipe creation proves this, the following details.

• 3 large carrots.
• 1 yellow bell pepper, discard the stem.
• 1 grapefruit (red grapefruit), squeeze the water.
• 1 small kiwi fruit, peeled.
• 1/2 inch ginger or about 1 cm.
• 1 small size beet.

How to make:
1. Wash all the ingredients to be used.
2. Cut carrots, peppers, kiwi and beets.
3. Put all ingredients into a juicer or blender.
4. Transfer to serving glasses and sunshine Juice Vitamix is ready to brighten up your day!

Vitagreen Juice

Now it's time for juice with cucumber ingredients to be the main star. Famous for its mountainous benefits, cucumbers contribute to freshness with a distinctive bitter taste. The following recipe will help you make delicious cucumber juice!

• 2 cucumbers.
• 2 granny smith apples, remove seeds and the middle part.
• 1 large lemon, squeeze the water.
• 2 tablespoons of pour honey.

How to make:
1. Cool the cucumber, apples and lemons first (before squeezing). Because for breakfast, you can put the ingredients in the refrigerator (not in the freezer) before you sleep and use the next morning.
2. Wash the ingredients to be used then cut the cucumbers and apples and squeeze the lemon.
3. Put all ingredients into a blender or juicer.
4. Pour into a glass, add honey and Vitagreen Juice is ready to eat!
5. Relaxing Green Juice

Like to eat spinach? If so, then you should try these Vitamix juicing recipes for weight loss! Not only delicious as a vegetable, but spinach is also delicious when enjoyed in the form of juice.

• 5-6 ounces of baby spinach. If not, you can use normal spinach (remove the stem).
• 2 apples, remove seeds and the middle part.
• 2 medium-sized carrots.
• 2 celery, use only the stems.
• 1/2 large lemon, squeeze the water.
• One 2-inch or about 5 cm ginger fruit.
• Ice cubes as needed.

How to make:
1. Wash the ingredients to be used.
2. Cut apples, carrots, celery and ginger sticks.
3. Put all ingredients into a juicer or blender. Meanwhile, fill the serving glass with ice cubes.
4. Pour into a glass and Relax Green Juice is ready to give you energy!

Do the Vitamix recipes for weight loss above easy?! The practicality offered is perfect for those of you who have daily activities. Don't forget to invite your friends too to try the five DIY vita mix recipes for weight loss!